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Master of Ceremonies (Emcee)/Host

Managing the event from the stage and keeping the event on track is critical for a well run event. That is no easy task—especially when it

comes to events with high visibility and lots of moving parts. As a professional master of ceremonies, Glenn knows how to successfully keep the event running smoothly, and on time, as well as deal with the unexpected. Additionally, for content-driven events, Glenn summarizes key takeaways and salient points while also facilitating audience interaction for both live and remote attendees.

Moderator and Panel Facilitation

Glenn skillfully bridges the content between the panelists/speakers and the audience, while keeping the discussions flowing and on point. With a broad knowledge base to work from, Glenn is adept at directing

the conversation, drawing out insights, and managing audience engagement. Preventing one contributor or member of the audience from monopolizing the discussion is crucial. Glenn’s familiarity with the latest technology and use of interactive formats maximizes audience participation.

Interviews with Speakers, Executives, Industry Leaders, and Celebrities


Glenn interviews speakers who run the gamut from executive, industry leaders, to political, celebrity, and sports figures. Whether interviewing event speakers live and on-stage or in a separate setting before or after the event, Glenndevelops a meaningful and resonant dialogue with interviewees that benefits the target audience.

Sponsor Promotion

Conference attendees often tune out sponsor promotion segments. Glenn provides impactful ways of highlighting sponsors, creating more value for the sponsorship.


Pre- and Post- Conference Podcasts and Videos, Daily Wrap-Ups


Promo pieces that showcase the event, either pre or post event, can be utilized for both internal and external marketing purposes. Glenn has extensive on-camera and video production experience that can be used to create these invaluable marketing tools. 

General Session Design and Format


Rather than staying with the status quo, those involved in planning events are always seeking better ways to execute general sessions to improve their event and the attendee experience. Glenn specializes in designing general sessions that are more memorable and dynamic.   

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